How you can find your Vine Profile Link?

1. Just open Vine app then go to your profile.

2. Next step, you need to select “Settings”.

3. Scroll down and Press “Invite via Text”.

4. Copy the link that looks like: Example Vine://user/35643354335333” (This is your vine app profile link)

How you can find your Vine Video ID?

1. First step is to create a new Vine video and post it to your feed.

2. Next step is to tap the ellipses icon below the Vine video you want embed.

3. Now click share this post from the popup menu.

4. Click Embed or share to Twitter first.

5. Type your email address in the To: fiend of the automatically generated email.

6. Check email and press the enclosed link to receive instructions to embed your Vine video.

7. Copy and paste the automatically generated HTML code on your website or blog.

How safe is

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Can i split my order between multiple accounts and videos?

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Can you guys handle bulk or custom orders?

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